Roseann Bennett Publishes Articles In Recognition Of Mental Health Awareness Month

The Center for Treatment and Assessment is a mental health agency operating as a non-profit that is located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. The Center is committed to helping individuals that are affected by mental health issues to live healthier, more productive lives and has recently published a number of articles in recognition of mental health awareness month.


Roseann Bennett is the executive director for The Center and says that she penned the articles for the same reasons that she took part in founding the organization. Ms. Bennett is committed to raising awareness and changing the public perception of individuals in need of mental health services.


Bennett writes the articles from the perspective of a marriage and family therapist that is licensed to practice in the state of New Jersey. Bennett has provided mental health services for clients. Bennett has provided the majority of her services to adolescents living in New Jersey.


Roseann Bennett learned from her years of experience in the field that available resources to facilitate the mental health and well-being of low-income individuals were not present in adequate numbers. Bennett has worked to provide a change in this societal condition for over a decade now. Go Here to learn more.


The focus this year in regard to Mental Health Awareness Month is the discussion of what individuals can do, regardless of where they are on their personal journey, to assure that they are mentally fit for their own futures. This is a subject that Bennett has written on in the past and one article, in particular, that has drawn a lot of attention dealt with the effects of untreated depression and the role this condition may play in the high rate of divorce in America.


Roseann Bennett prefers to take a holistic approach to the issues she encounters while counseling clients and this is also the approach applied to the Center for Assessment and Treatment.






Vinod Gupta Demonstrates The Use Of Hopes And Dreams


When people think about hopes and dreams, they tend to think of it as something that is best for leisure. They would not associate it with success. After all, people who hope and dream are said to be out of touch with reality. However, Vinod Gupta shows that hopes and dreams can be very useful for careers. The only thing is that the dreams have to be carefully examined. Also, the dream has to be broken down into achievable goals. People who take the time to create goals so that they can move forward to their major dream are going to have a chance at making their dreams a reality.


Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.


For Vinod Gupta, hopes and dreams began his journey to a successful career. He has learned about everything it would take to bring his dreams to life. He has also done everything that is necessary which included taking classes and excelling in them. Once he has fulfilled his hopes, he has gone on to look for ways that he can give back to the community he was raised in. In his pursuit he has made plenty of investments in the community as a philanthropist. One thing that he has done was start his first business. Gupta has used excellent business and marketing skills which has made it possible for him to quit his job working for Commodore and end up to where he is at right now.


Now that he has made a name for himself, he uses his example to inspire others. He shows people that they do not need to have been born into wealth to live a wealthy life. He has used borrowed money to pursue his dreams. The best thing is he has learned how to increase his money. He was able to pay back the money he has borrowed with interest. This is what has given him the reputation of someone who is skilled. He’s even willing to share his Business Lessons for those entrepreneurs who wanted to be successful like himself. See Related Link to learn more.


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The best golf packages by VIP Golf Austin

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The Passions of Adam Milstein

Everyone has their calling in life. This is what we define as our purpose and are willing to dedicate all our lives doing it. It has to be something we are passionate about; something we are not willing to give up at any cost. Well for Adam Milstein, this is the humanitarian work. He says that despite not having a typical day that he follows in his career, mixing his business with his charity work gives me a sense of fulfilment.

Adam Milstein aims at ensuring that the Jewish culture stays alive. This is to ensure that there are people in every generation to pass over the culture to the next generation. Through the Adam and Gila Milstein foundation, they have supplied 15000 families with free books on the Jewish culture. They also support other groups in the society whose objective is the same.

Besides being a successful humanitarian, Adam Milstein is a family man and a businessman as well. He is the Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties. Milstein explains that when he was at the University studying for his MBA, many people came to recruit students. He realized that they underestimated his skills as they were offering him less than what undergraduates were acquiring. He decided to become a real estate broker. He realized that he did so well in the field that he decided to settle in the real estate business.

Having great goals and not evaluating them is equal to not having any goals. Many people, however, do not bring their dreams to life. Adam Milstein says that he pushes until his dreams come to reality. When he assigns someone a duty and realizes his taking so much time with it, he does it himself. He delegates, but he avoids over depending on others.

The reason many people give up on the business world is when they succumb to the challenges that they meet. As an investor, you have to learn to see your mistakes as lessons. Adam Milstein says that when he was in the University, he was selling arts to the temples, he was so excited that the sales were great and he invested all his money hoping to acquire quick wealth. He advocates for patience in business growth.

Roberto Santiago, giving Brazilians world-class experiences

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur with interest in trading, business and sportsmanship. He owns the Manaira Shopping Mall, a very distinct mall and one of the largest in Brazil. Roberto is famous for his entrepreneurial skills and abilities and described by his colleagues as “attentive to opportunities” that other entrepreneurs would not recognize. Besides the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago owns the Mangabeira Shopping centre whose launch was November 2014. It is currently known as the most commercial development enterprise in all of Joao Pessoa

Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa where he was also raised.


He went to Pia X-Marist College and later did his undergraduate degree in business administration at the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. Roberto’s entrepreneurial journey started at Café Santa Rosa, a Brazilian manufacturing company, but quit to create his company, Cartonnage. The business specialized in designing and manufacturing cartons made from cardboard which he sold to a variety of companies. Roberto shifted his focus to real estate and purchased a large plot of land in Joao Pessoa where he began constructing the Manaira Shopping Mall.


The mall was established in 1989 and has been continually developed to satisfy the demands of its many has become the destination for many of the city’s residents due to its many features including a theatre, rooftop concert hall, banks, college, fitness center and a massive gaming area. Domus Hall, the rooftop concert hall, was completed in 2009 and has sufficient space for large conferences, exhibits, concert, and fairs. The room has a capacity of 10,000 people standing and 4,000 people sitting. The ground floor, designed for public and probate events such as while the second floor, has ten private cabins providing access to dressing rooms, lounge and music room.


Roberto Santiago has in the past 20 years developed Manaira Shopping Mall to offer something for everyone. The Domus Hall has attracted talented Music bands from Brazil and internationally. The two malls that he owns have drawn many advantages to the city, and its surrounding area and many businesses have moved to the town, therefore growing the economy. The malls have also created employment opportunities for the native residents, improving their standards of living. H eland around the malls has also appreciated as many moves to the area for the convenience it provides. Roberto has been a pioneer, offering satisfying services to all.


Apart from his successful business career, Roberto is a skilled Sportsman. He was the first Brazilian to win the Brazilian kart championships, and in state championships, Roberto has earned first place trophy. He has won several titles in motor-cross competitions including the Northeast 250cc category and 250cc and 125cc categories in Parabaino championships.


The Diversity Of Shiraz Boghani In Hospitality And Healthcare Industries

Shiraz Boghani is a spirited entrepreneur, passionate and self-driven earning him significant achievements. One of the accomplishments is being a qualified Chartered Accountant. He received his adequate training on the management of companies at the Institute of Chartered Accounts.

Born and raised in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani moved to the United Kingdom in 1969. This is when he began his accounting training at a Chartered Accountants firm. He soon established his firm in 1978 that he practiced in for over ten years and has been the head of approximately 21 companies.

Shiraz was always experimental and had a dynamic way of thinking like a businessman. These traits enabled him to spot and seize unique opportunities in various fields. For example being a founding member of two firms. In 1985 he partnered with Dr. Shafik Sachedina, and they established Sussex Health Care as joint partners, then in 1986 the Splendid Hotel Group. Shiraz Boghani played a significant role in raising funds as well as managing the critical assets that were fruitful in the expansion of the numerous companies.

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Shiraz Boghani is a joint Chairman of Sussex health care home. The principal purpose of the creation of this establishment was to give care for the aged who suffer from Alzheimer and mental problems like dementia. The elderly in the society with weak joints and other disabilities also benefit from this institution. In the same institution, there are learning activities that assist patients with neurological disorders. Shiraz’s vast entrepreneurial experience extends between Sojourn Hotels and Splendid Hotels. His leadership qualities appear naturally and can be drawn from his the skills he earned in management and leadership. His methods of managing successful ventures highly regard his reputation. His belief in customer satisfaction is critical and unwavering in the success of a business.

He is the current chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group. In 2016 Shiraz Boghani was named the Hotelier of the Year by the Asian Business Awards 2016. His unmatched skills in leadership in conjunction with his passionate drive in Hospitality Industry landed him the prestigious award. Shiraz said that it was an honor being among the team in Splendid Hospitality Group’s achievement. The CEO of the Splendid Hospitality Group, Stuart Bailey, noted that Shiraz was a crucial player in the elevation of the organization’s previous position to among the fast-growing private hotels in the United Kingdom. He recently ventured in the establishment of a stunning £121 million Hilton London Bankside and Conrad London St. James.

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Stream Energy

Hurricane Harvey released more than 50 inches of rain across Houston Texas last summer. It was one of the most devastating natural disasters in Texas history. People from all around the world reached out to help those who were affected by this massive hurricane. So many lives were lost, homes and businesses were also lost. There were so many injuries that hospitals and emergency response teams were overwhelmed with treating the residents of this Houston Community. There was chaos everywhere. Emergency response teams from local, state, and federal agencies were on-site to help restore the community back to as much of its original self as possible. This restoration was going to be challenging because the impact of this great storm nearly wiped out this entire Texas City.

The aftermath of the storm revealed so much destruction, damage, and loss of life and property that for many Houston residents recovery almost seemed impossible. They knew that they would not be able to rebuild their community without lots of help. Many agencies were on site, and more were on their way. Donations were coming from around the world to help with this tragedy. As the water began to fade away and the land began to dry; there was one company whose efforts stood out as great among many. Stream Energy has a philanthropic foundation called: Stream Cares. The amount of generosity and human kindness displayed by this charitable organization is genuinely heartwarming. The Dallas Patch article on the Stream Energy charity is a fascinating read.

Stream Energy is a direct marketing utility company based out of Dallas. A The company offers a unique approach to earning income through direct energy sales to utility customers in Texas. Employees of Stream Energy sell products and services directly to customers and in turn receive commissions and other rewards for their efforts. The employees can earn larger prizes like Mercedes Benz and fabulous trips. The atmosphere is certainly competitive, but at the core of the Stream Energy Foundation is philanthropy. They believe in giving from the heart and not just monetary donations. They believe in acting, getting out into the community, and being a part of the solution. During the Hurricane Harvey recovery process, Stream Cares was on the front lines handing out supplies, helping to remove debris, helping to restore families, and letting those families know they were not alone during their recovery efforts.

Lawrence Bender Revisits a Classic with Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

Producing a sequel to a classic film isn’t easy. The development process becomes even more difficult when many years pass between the original film’s release and the date of the new sequel. A great many producers would avoid trying to tackle such a task. Throughout his career, Lawrence Bender proved he isn’t the typical producer. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights might be far from his most critically-acclaimed films. He won significant motion picture awards for Inglorious Basterds and an Inconvenient Truth. Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting gained many outstanding nominations for Lawrence Bender and his creative teams. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights didn’t receive critical acclaim. The feature did earn nearly $28 million at the box office.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights takes the original concept of Dirty Dancing and transplants it to another setting. As the title indicates, the new setting is obviously Havana, Cuba. The film is supposed to be a prequel of sorts, but Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights has also been called a reboot. Perhaps the idea at work here was to launch a new Dirty Dancing franchise. The incredibly successful original film never gained an official sequel. With this new film, Hollywood had a second chance at turning Dirty Dancing into a series of hit films.

Ironically, the film didn’t even start out as a Dirty Dancing project. Lawrence Bender originally acquired the rights to the screenplay when it was an unrelated drama. Over the course of two decades, the script languished in development. Eventually, the work turned into Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

For the second film to be a hit, two things needed to occur. Fans with long memories — fond memories of experiencing the original Dirty Dancing in theaters in the 1980’s — needed to be lured back. Connecting with a newer and younger audience was necessary as well. This didn’t happen to the desired degree. Too many years had passed. The original Dirty Dancing falls under the category of a relic of the 1980s. Making a new film in 2004 was an uphill climb. Lawrence Bender did make the project a reality, a completed task that deserves some credit.

Ominous Predictions Made by Shervin Pishevar

In connection with a dramatic drop in the stock market in February 2018, Shervin Pishevar took to social media to express deep concerns he has about the US economy and the future of the United States. He has made some dark predictions not only about the government but also about American companies.

Shervin Pishevar got his start in the Silicon Valley area and has an astounding rags to riches tale. He is well-known for using a venture capital fund that he helped to co-found to invest early in Uber and other companies. It was in December 2017 that he used his Twitter account to announce that he would be resigning from Investment company. While nothing had been posted in more than two months, it appears that the axles of his mind continued to turn. He made an epic come back with a 50 point Twitter storm that spanned two days. The tweets he sent out sparked a discussion about the future of the monetary system in the US.

Overall, Shervin Pishevar’s predictions for the US are pretty dark. For one thing, he feels that big companies in the US, like Amazon, Apple, and Google, are in for some difficult times and may even fall. He says that these giant companies are built on a monopoly framework that is bad for the ecomony.

Shervin Pishevar predicts that the stock market is going to continue to go down in coming months. He predicts that it will shed at least 6,000 points in 2018. One of the tools that the government can use when the stock market experiences a dramatic drop is a technique called quantitative easing. This technique allows central banks to buy bonds. Shervin Pishevar says that they will use this tool again, but he warns that no one should be fooled by it. He says it has been used so many times that it will not continue to be effective when it comes to correcting the stock market.

Other topics that Shervin Pishevar commented on in his tweet storm included bitcoin, immigration, and inflation. He feels that both governmental and financial institutions will come face-to-face with a reckoning of irrelevance.

Mark Mofid Transforms the Cosmetic Medical Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid is famous in the cosmetic medical community for different reasons including his excellence in the sector. Dr Mofid’s perfection stems from his previous exposure and experience. Mofid attended two reputable institutions where he attained his profound knowledge. After successful completion of his studies at the John Hopkins and the Harvard University, Mark Mofid began his profession. Beyond his formal training, Dr. Mark is recognized for his innovative abilities in the industry. His adherence to the standard regulations and medical safety practices has contributed to his preference by clients. Dr. Mark prioritizes safety during implant operations in the gluteal augmentation segment. His motive is barely directed towards the patient’s ability to reward him more; instead, he values the wellbeing of the customers.

The particular types of surgeries Dr. Mark Mofid performs are the inventions that he has been designing for over eight years. Mark noticed an opportunity for advancement immediately he joined the industry. Mark Mofid decided to reinvent the entire sector to come up with safer surgery models than before. Some of the reinventions of Mark Mofid entail the advance of generic implants to more superior gluteal implants. Mark’s gluteal implants possess different outstanding characteristics that have fascinated executives in the industry. First, the implant has a low profile, as well as, sophisticated intramuscular positioning. Additionally, the latest developed implant improves ratios efficiently compared to the outdated alternatives.

As a certified surgeon in San Diego, Mark Mofid is confident to provide details regarding the set up of his clinic. According to Mofid, his office is centrally situated in La Joalla within the county of San Diego. Mark’s wife works as the clinic’s dermatologist with Mark serving as the clinic’s nurse, as well as, surgeon. Besides working with his wife, Mark hires an exclusive team of workers. His employment procedure is highly overrated. Currently, the staff at Mark’s institution includes two surgical technologists, an office manager and a full-time nurse. Mofid associates with this unique personnel to facilitate his activities. Now, Mark uses the Cutera laser for vein treatment and removal of hair. Mark has a perfect referral partnership with a laser facility that oversees his operations.